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Seiki is a Japanese form of healing devised by the Shiatsu Master Akinobu Kishi. He maintained that the body always expresses what it needs, but we don’t always detect the signals. Seiki follows the movement of the breath, encouraging inner awareness and sensitivity, which is essential for clearing stagnant energy and releasing habitual patterns.

The practitioner acts as a mirror. As clients feel the reflection of their breath, internal connections are made; stagnant energy is released and distortions are cleared, the body recognising its innate willingness to heal itself. The practitioner helps clients to find their own way, to regain their balance and harmony.

Seiki works from the inside out so, to a certain extent, it can help all types of ailments.

The main cause of illness, though, is the accumulation of fatigue (stagnant energy). For example, through fatigue, it takes longer for blood to reach the stomach, resulting in poor nourishment. Difficulty in breathing can be caused by tension (stagnant energy) in the diaphragm. Both can indicate a build-up of repressed emotions.

Seiki can help in the treatment of the following health conditions: anxiety, back pain, chronic fatigue, depression, stress

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