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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, rhythmic massage.

It stimulates the lymphatic vessels leading to the re-absorption and removal of excess water, metabolic waste, debris and toxins from the body tissues. Lymph is the clear fluid that oozes from a graze or burn. It moves water, protein, white blood cells, and electrolytes around the body beneath the skin. The greater the flow of lymph, the healthier the body. Manual Lymphatic Drainage can help move this excess fluid from the tissues.

The accompanying relief of fluid congestion promotes healing, strengthens the immune system and can greatly reduce pain. It is also extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.

Treatment is especially useful in treating the following health conditions:
acne, arthritis, asthma, back pain, bronchitis, burns, cellulite, chronic fatigue, coeliac disease, colitis, constipation, crohn's disease, diarrheoa, dysmenorrhoea, endometriosis, headaches and migraines, IBS, indigestion, insomnia, menopause, menorrhagia, peptic ulcers, PMS, rheumatoid arthritis, scars, sinusitis, stress, stretch marks, swollen ankles, water retention.

You are recommended to seek advice of a qualified health practitioner. To find a qualified practitioner in your area look in the Practitioner Directory.

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