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There are a wide range of techniques available to ease psychological suffering. It is not the remit of this page to cover every type of therapy, but they broadly fall under two headings: counselling and psychotherapy.

In counselling, usually specific problems are focused on, such as bereavement or redundancy, rather than deep-seated personal issues. A counsellor is supportive, and is trained to listen and encourage you to talk freely, but will probe less deeply into problems than a psychotherapist.

Training in counselling is usually shorter than for psychotherapy, and may be in specialist areas such as marital counselling, psycho-sexual counselling and bereavement, as well as a myriad of other issues related to specific problems, such as drug and alcohol counselling and AIDS counselling.

When visiting a counsellor it is important, apart from checking their training and other credentials, to be sure that they are trained in the particular area which is relevant to you, if you have a specific problem.

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treatment is especially useful in treating the following conditions:
addictions, AIDS, anorexia nervosa, anxiety, bereavements, bulilmia nervosa, cancer, compulsions, depression, grief, obsessions, phobias, sexual and relationship problems, stress.

You are recommended to seek advice of a qualified health practitioner. To find a qualified practitioner in your area look in the Practitioner Directory.

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