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Chiropractic was developed in the 19th Century by Daniel D Palmer. It aims to diagnose and treat disorders of the spine, joints and muscles with techniques of manipulation, and to maintain the health of the nervous system and organs. Chiropractors believe that when the body is in harmony it has the ability to heal itself. When the skeletal structure functions smoothly, the body's natural healing processes are free to keep the entire system working in harmony.

Spinal misalignments are known to Chiropractors as "subluxations" or "fixations", and not only cause back pain, but affect the whole body. Many of the manipulations practised by Chiropractors are similar to those used by Osteopaths.

Chiropiractic is the most widely practised complementary health treatment in the West.

Treatment is especially useful in treating the following health conditions:
asthma, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, coeliac disease, dysmenorrhoea, endometriosis, headaches, indigestion, IBS, menorrhagia, migraines, muscle and joint pain, peptic ulcers, PMS, sciatica, spine problems, tinnitus.

You are recommended to seek advice of a qualified health practitioner. To find a qualified practitioner in your area look in the Practitioner Directory.

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