The Menopausal Helpline Limited

A voluntary organisation for women's well being.
The Helpline: This is a voluntary organisation founded by Maggie Tuttle after she suffered a series of serious side effects from Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Maggie set up the Helpline after she realised that there were many other women with similar problems and no organisation which could listen and offer help. The impact was extraordinary. To date over 10,900 women have contacted her by letter or phone, desperate for someone with whom they can share their problems. She continues to receive calls and letters daily from women throughout the UK and elsewhere.

We are, perhaps the only menopausal helpline that is not funded by any pharmaceutical companies and we can hear the relief in women's voices when they find that they can talk freely about the problems they have had after taking these drugs. There is very little scientific evidence to prove that these drugs are of benefit to the heart, osteoporosis or anything else while the negative effect of synthetic progestogens have been withheld from the public for years. Even at the last International Conference in Florence in 1998, they bad to admit there was a lack of evidence and the fact that the long term effect of these drugs is UNKNOWN.

The Menopausal Helpline Limited
228 Muswell Hill ,
London N10 3SH

Tel: 020 8 444 5202,
Fax: 020 8444 8442

Registered number 3265025

DIRECTORS: Maggie Tuttle (Chairman), Lindsey Hill (Company Secretary)
PATRONS; Dr Erik Enby, Dr Adel Badr

The Menopausal Helpline Limited is supported by M.R.1S. (Menopausal Research and Information Service). a charitable company limited by guarantee. Registered with the Charity Commission under no 1069084

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