The Meniere's Society

The Ménière's Society

Ménière's disease is a long-term, progressive condition of the inner ear that damages both the organ of balance and the organ of hearing (cochlea). The main symptoms are acute episodic attacks of vertigo (spinning dizziness) and fluctuating levels of tinnitus and deafness. The frequency, suddenness and severity of these attacks can be very distressing and disabling.

The Ménière's Society is a registered charity giving information and support to those with Ménière's disease, and to their carers. We provide a helpline; information sheets covering all aspects of understanding, treating and living with Ménière's disease; a quarterly magazine; a Contact List, and encourage the formation of self-help groups. We also support much needed research.

If you would like more information please contact:

The Ménière's Society,
98 Maybury Road,
Surrey GU21 5HX

Tel: 01483 740597
Fax: 01483 755441
Minicom: 01483 771207

Registered Charity No 297246

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