Natural Weightloss

This programme is designed for anyone who wants to lose weight or has a weight problem. This high-quality weight loss programme brings together all the most effective weight loss strategies to make a health and enjoyable way of losing weight permanently. The two week programme introduces the principles of effective weight loss while kick-starting the process.

The programme features

  • diet and nutrition
  • exercise and motivational training
  • classes on healthy eating
  • yoga and relaxation
  • hypnotherapy sessions
  • pampering with our massage therapists and body workers

We combine both highly effective proven ways to lose weight, with fun and long-term impact.

Programme Outline

  • Day 1 - Health check/nutrition/Hypnotherapy
  • Day 2 - Exercise class/Nutrition consultation
  • Day 3 - Yoga class/Massage
  • Day 4 - Hypnotherapy/Nutrition/Exercise class
  • Day 5 - Nutritional consultation/Yoga class/Nutrition class
  • Day 6 - Hypnotherapy/Massage or Bodywork
  • Day 7 -.Exercise class/Ongoing instruction for weekend
  • Day 8 - Yoga class /Nutrition class/Massage
  • Day 9 - Exercise class/Hypnotherapy
  • Day 10 - Nutrition class/outside training/Yoga
  • Day 11- Exercise class/Massage or Bodywork
  • Day 12 - Hypnotherapy/Yoga/Relaxation session
  • End

Follow on support is provided with expert practitioners and health therapists


The Kailaish Centre of Oriental Medicine - one of Central London's premier complementary health clinics and a centre of excellence in oriental medicine and complementary health. The Centre boasts wonderful facilities with pristine therapy rooms, large and airy exercise studio, shower facility and chill-out zone.

Contact Information

For further information and price of the Weightloss Programme please call the Health Spa helpline on 0207 243 1968, or e-mail us: We will be happy to advise you on any aspect of the programme or if you have any other queries.

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