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The Cyberspace Health Clinic Wellness Programmes are tailor-made, natural healthcare packages to aid detox, pregnancy and weight-loss.

Each programme balances orthodox and complementary healthcare for optimum results and offer the latest innovations in nutrition, massage, oriental medicine, herbal medicine, hypnotherapy, and yoga.

The programmes are led by a team by a team of complementary health practitioners, all experts in their fields, and medical doctors specialising in complementary medicine.

The programmes are held at The Kailaish Centre of Oriental Medicine - one of Central London's premier complementary health clinics and a centre of excellence in oriental medicine and complementary health. The Centre boasts wonderful facilities with pristine therapy rooms, large and airy exercise studio, shower facility and chill-out zone.

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Contact Information

For further information and prices of our programmes please call the Health Spa helpline on 0207 243 1968, or e-mail us: cyberspace.healthclinic@virgin.net. We will be happy to advise you on any aspect of the programmes or if you have any other queries.

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