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Fibromyalgia Aided By Group Treatment

Fibromyalgia affects a not inconsiderable number of people, peaking in middle age. It is a disorder which is not easy to diagnose and certainly rather difficult to treat in many cases. However, a new approach may provide relief for some sufferers. The approach has been researched by a team in the US and has been shown to reduce the effects of depression and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia. The researchers, based at the St John’s Regional Health Center in Springfield, Missouri, have found that group psychotherapy has significant activity in reducing symptoms and could be a worthy adjuvant to other treatment plans.

The Daily Mail

Marriage Is The Key To Long Life For Men

Now don’t fall over dumbstruck chaps but I have important news for you about the bliss of wedlock. Believe it or not but marriage is very good for you. That’s official. Who tells us so? Well, researchers from Warwick University. According to the team there, marriage causes brain changes which lead to us men feeling contented and furthermore can help extend our life expectancy. The Warwick findings are the culmination of a 20-year study in which it was revealed that married men could expect to live an average 3 years longer than their single counterparts. Marriage, explains the team, leads to a healthier lifestyle and physiological changes which enhance feelings of well-being.

The Times

The British Are Living Longer

Good news for everyone living in the UK released this week. We are all living longer. That is compared to the 1970’s. The news comes from a recent report published by the Office for National Statistics. There is a caveat however. Because the life expectancy still varies according to professional status. Professional men and women now live to 78.5 and 82.8 respectively on average. The unskilled 71.1 and 77.1 years. The reason for the improvement in life expectancy? Experts argue that we now live healthier lives: much improved diets, greater daily physical exercise and marked reductions in the prevalence of smoking. However not all of us our taking up these healthier lifestyles at the same rate. Hence the differences in life expectancy between different social groups.

The Sun

Asthma Helped By Yoga Meditation

Asthmatics were given some good cheer this week when the results of fresh research from Exeter were published. A team at the University in the city has discovered that a form of meditation based on the practices of yoga may help sufferers of asthma and their lung function. The team studied the effects of Sahaja mediation, a meditation which aims to induce a state of mental alertness, amongst a group of sufferers of moderate to severe asthma, and compared it with other forms of relaxation therapy. At the end of the study Sahaja was found to be most effective in improving symptoms and significantly changed lung function for the better.

The Daily Express

Tele-hypnosis Trial Successful

This week there was a case of modern technology meets complementary medicine. Telemedicine has become increasingly popular for delivering healthcare services to remote areas. Now hypnosis has become the subject of a pilot study for delivery via video link up. Furthermore the study, conducted by a team of medical researchers from Aberdeen, Scotland, proved to be more popular than face-to-face therapy. The team carried out the study linking the Royal Cornhill Hospital in Aberdeen and patients in Lerwick, Shetland. Dr Susan Simpson, who led the research, comments that the study adds weight to the evidence of benefits of telemedicine for providing healthcare to remote populations.

The Daily Mail


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