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Overweight Mothers Put Babes At Risk

Obesity doesn’t just affect the health of mothers, it can also place a huge burden of babies before birth. New research has shown that pregnant obese women are more likely to have antenatal and perinatal complications including birth defects and premature delivery. The research has been carried out by a team at Columbia University in New York and was funded by the charity the March of Dimes. They have described the problems amongst the pregnant obese as a veritable health 'time-bomb'. To add to the risks, there is growing evidence that babies born to obese women have a far greater rate of disease problems in later life.

The Daily Mail

Diabetes Assisted With Antioxidants

Those suffering from diabetes received a morale boost this week following the release of news of a new application for antioxidants in the prevention and treatment of the disease. The news follows research carried out by medical scientists at the National Jewish Medical and Research Center and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. They studied an antioxidant, AEOL 10113, and discovered that it protected pancreatic beta cells, those specialised cells which secrete insulin, from attack by free radicals. The study report has this week been published in full in the journal Diabetes. The researchers suggest that it might be possible to use the antioxidant in the treatment of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, the autoimmune form of the disease.

The Times

Increased Risk Of Diabetes Amongst Obese Girls

As the incidence of obesity rises exponentially amongst children, so does the fears of previously unheard of levels of Type 2 Diabetes – the usually adult-onset form of the disease, and one which is related to overweight. The fears are now well founded. New statistics show that an incredible one third of five-year old girls are now overweight and heading for a lifetime of ill health, including a higher risk of heart disease and strokes. The new generation is fast adopting the 'couch potato’ approach to life and consequently the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes is rapidly on the increase.

The Times

Needle Cure For Morning Sickness

We’ve had proof of acupuncture’s effectiveness in managing pain. Now women may soon be prescribed it for morning sickness as well. That is the conclusion of a study from Australia, the results of which were published this week. The researchers, based at the University of Adelaide, compared to forms of acupuncture, that known as P6 and the traditional form. P6 acts specifically on a particular acupoint and is well known for management of nausea. P6 was shown to be far more effective for management of morning sickness.

The Daily Mail

Cancer Thwarted By Red, Red Wine

Lovers of wine will be greatly cheered by new research from Leicester this week. It seems that red wine may not only help to prevent certain diseases, including certain cancers and heart disease, and may also be a useful ally in the fight against existing cancer. Researchers, based at De Montfort University, in Leicester, have found that as little as a glass per day can be effective in preventing and even fighting tumours. The reason for this effect? The team explains that red wine contains a substance known as resveratrol, which is converted in the human body into a powerful anti-oxidant with significant anti-cancer properties.

The Daily Express


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