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Week Beginning 24 December 2001

Better Prospects For Kids’ Teeth

We all know that children can have a sweet tooth. However, latest figures show that the sweet tooth is not as powerful as it might have been. Good news which is welcomed by the British Dental Association. In figures compiled by The Grocer magazine, for the first time in over half a century the sales of chocolate in the UK has fallen. The reason? It is surmised that kids are preferring to spend their pocket money on mobile phones and text messaging.

Daily Express

Festive Secret Of A Happy Marriage

Something couples have sought since time immemorial. The secret to a perfect and happy marriage. But now a group of American researchers believe they have located that seemingly elusive answer and it may lie in religion. The team at Syracuse University, New York, have discovered that those couples who observe meaningful religious rituals throughout the year are more likely to be contented. By meaningful rituals they mean those carried out Christmas, Hanukah and Ramadan, for instance. Such couples are far less likely to divorce the researchers tell us. So, if you want wedded bliss start hanging out those Christmas deccies!

The Times

Brain Boost With The Help Of Black Coffee

We all have occasional memory lapses (….where am I? …oh yes) but for some as they get older this can be more of a problem. Now researchers in the US have discovered that good old cup of java may help to boost the brainpower of such people. The study carried out by a team at the University of Arizona in Tucson found those elderly people who consumed a cup of caffeinated coffee before taking a simple memory test scored far higher than those who drank decaf beforehand. The former also showed a far better retention of memory powers throughout the day.

The Daily Express

Better Air For Kids Equals Healthier Lungs

We at the News are lucky. We live in a rural community with oodles of fresh air. But spare a thought for those who live in polluted areas of the country, particularly children. A research team at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles did just this and came up with some interesting conclusions from a study they conducted and which is published in this month’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. They found that those children who relocated from polluted to unpolluted areas of the country improved their lung function significantly. More fuel (no pun intended!) to the pollution/health debate.

The Times

Alzheimer’s May Be Prevented With Vit E

More good news this week for those suffering from such brain disorders as Alzheimer’s. The simple procedure of taking a Vitamin E supplement each day could significantly the speed of deterioration in brain function. That is according to a study from Japan, which is published in the latest Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. A small amount of Vitamin E given daily was shown to reverse degenerative brain disease. The researchers believe such a response could be seen in patients as a whole.

The Daily Mail


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