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Kids Lost About Nutrition

Having trouble getting your kids to eat their fruit and veg? If so you are not alone. According to the latest research vegetables have become so uncool that many children find it difficult to recognise and name them. But, say the researchers from the University of Bournemouth, this lack of knowledge has serious implications. It is a reflection of general poor diets. Furthermore it is evidence that the government’s drive to improve consumption of fruit and vegetable via free deliveries to schools is actually failing, and children with poor diets still run the risks of ill health in adulthood.

The Daily Mail

For Women The Smell Is All

Fascinating new research from the USA this week. It seems chaps we can forget the roses and choccies when trying to woo the subject your heart because are only attracted if you smell like their dad! What? You ask. Well according to a research team at the University of California, whose study is published in this week’s Nature Genetics, women are attracted to men who have a genetically-determined odour akin to their father’s and therefore their own. The theory behind this finding? Essentially the system have like is attracted to like in smell terms ensures that future children inherit an immune system from their parents which is known to be effective. In other words women are trying to ensure the survival of their offspring

The Daily Mirror

Risk Of Disability Linked To Diabetes In Women

There are many health disorders linked to type 2 diabetes but new evidence suggests disabilities may also be associated as well. US medical researchers investigated the effects of this type of diabetes amongst elderly women. The study, published this week in Diabetes Care, is the culmination of 12 years of work in the field and a compilation of investigations of 8,000 ladies aged over 65. They discovered that women in this age group with diabetes were two times more likely to suffer from some form of disability affecting their daily functioning including difficulty with walking, resulting in falls, and completing daily chores in the home.

The Daily Express

Kick The TV Habit To Beat Kids’ Obesity

There is much evidence for the cause of the modern day epidemic of obesity sweeping the world, and a dramatic reduction in physical activity is one of the foremost factors. Now US experts are calling for a reduction in children’s TV watching to help reduce the weight problems in this age group. The announcement was made at an obesity conference held in London this week, with the director of the division of nutrition and physical activity at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr William Dietz, spearheading the appeal. He commented, " It is vitally important that we promote greater activity amongst our young generation, and at the same time reduce their large amounts of food they consume. To fail to do so leaves us heading for a state of immense implications for the health of future adults". His comments are supported by research which shows that in the USA over a quarter of food consumed by children is done so whilst sitting in front of the box.

The Daily Mail

Food Labels Cause Consternation

What on Earth are all those figures on food labels? What do they mean? According to the results of a new survey these are just some of the questions people are asking themselves when confronted with nutritional labels on foods in our local supermarkets. It seems very few of us truly understand the information on the labels and what the individual figures mean for our health. The 'Eat Smart' survey was carried out by The British Nutrition Foundation and was very revealing indeed about the nation’s understanding of nutritional matters. In a nutshell the nation scored a big E minus when it comes to interpreting labels. The Foundation is now calling for further research to define ways of improving consumer knowledge and the delivery of food information on packaging.

The Times


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