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Week Beginning 18 February 2002

High Five For High-Fibre

It’s a good thing that fibre! In fact there is even more to it than we had first thought. Because, according to new research published this week, people who consume plenty of fibre every day are far happier and are brimming with energy. Those are the findings of a team of researchers from the University of Cardiff. Furthermore, fibre works quickly. Apparently within a week of increasing your fibre load you will start to notice beneficial effects and improved mental health. Hurrah!! Mine’s a pint of All-Bran! Cheers.

The Daily Mail

Health Threatened By Obesity Epidemic

Unless you’ve been living on Mars it is unlikely that you are oblivious to the fact that we are living in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Unfortunately, things are worse than we ever imagined. Because obesity isn’t just a problem of the Western World. According to US scientists, we are beginning to see the scourge hitting developing countries as well. No longer is obesity a "disease of affluence". The US team, based at the University of Rhode Island comment that the rapid increase in obesity worldwide cannot be accounted for purely in terms of genetics. There is something much more pervasive going on. In other words the habits of poor exercise levels and over-eating are catching on at a pace and too the detriment of human health worldwide.

The Guardian

Asthma Associated With Car Fumes

We have known for sometime of the link between asthma and pollution but a recent study buy US researchers has highlighted the effect of car exhaust on the severity of asthma. The US team, based at the University of Southern California, has revealed that increasing levels of ozone in the atmosphere can result in increased incidences of children being diagnosed with asthma. Furthermore the children affected are usually previously very healthy. The children most at risk are those who spend much time outside playing in smog-filled cities. These children have a 300% greater risk of contracting asthma compared to children who play in unpolluted air.

Daily Mail

Hypnosis Revealed

Medical hypnosis is being increasingly used for a growing number of disorders and in many cases with good effect. For instance hypnotherapy has become very popular for the management of pain. The effect is great enough that pain sufferers actually require far less drug-based management. However, until now there was very little evidence for why hypnosis worked in these situations. Now a group of medical scientists from Stanford University School of Medicine in the US believe they have at least touched upon the truth. They have found that hypnosis actually causes specific changes in brain chemistry, changes which lead those who have undergone hypnosis to actively believe what they see or feel.

The Daily Mail

Veggie Nitrates Scare

Increasing concerns this week surrounding modern production of fruit and veg. For some time now there has been growing worries about the levels of nitrate residues from modern fertilisers in the fruit and vegetables we consume in the UK. However, this week those worries were greatly heightened by the news that these nitrates may be the reason for the rapid increase in incidence of oesophageal cancer, the most life threatening of cancers in this country due to the speed with which it develops. The warning has come from the results of research by a team at Glasgow University. They now hope to extend their research to examine how big a problem the association actually is between the cancer and fertilisers.

The Daily Express


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