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Week Beginning 14 January 2002

Death Toll From Obesity At Record Levels

The extent to which the nation is suffering from an epidemic of obesity was highlighted this week by an MPs select committee report. The report, by the Commons public accounts committee claims that each year as many as 30,000 deaths may be obesity-related – a massive rise in recent years. The committee blames health provision in the country, including specific provision for assisting obese people to lose weight and improve health. They warn that unless action is taken immediately the problem will only escalate, with an expected 20% of men and 25% of women in the obese category by 2005.

The Daily Telegraph

UK Eggs Contain Toxin

Worrying claims this week about eggs by a national organisation. The Soil Association has this week released a report examining amongst other things the standards of eggs sold in our supermarkets. They have evidence that as many as three-quarters of a million eggs consumed per day in the UK contain at least traces of a drug used in poultry farming to increase productivity. There is evidence that the drug could be harmful to humans. The association released details of their report at this week’s meeting of the Food Standards Agency in London, and are calling for greater and tighter legislation in mass egg production.

The Daily Mail

Boost Heart Power With Sex

Now this is probably news that would not surprise most of us. However, Welsh researchers report this week that regular sex is good for the heart. Furthermore, and contrary to common belief, it does increase the risk of stroke in those susceptible. The researchers, based in Caerphilly, studied a group of sexually active men and examined the frequency of intercourse and the incidence of heart attacks and strokes amongst the same group of men. The researchers found there was no increase in incidence of strokes and that the incidence of heart attacks was significantly less in the most sexually active men.

The Times

Teenage Behaviour Related To Family Feeding Habits

Remember the old days, when everybody in the family sat down to dinner (and nobody moved until they had cleared their plate!). It seems the family meal at home has become a thing of the past in recent times. Fast food, TV dinners, irregular working hours are just some of the factors which have only aided the disintegration of the traditional daily family sit down in the UK. However, evidence from Spain suggests that this breakdown in family daily eating habits may be having more detrimental effects than we imagine – particularly on our teenagers. In a report, published this wee, Spanish researchers found that those families who regularly sat down for a good ol’ family nosh up were more likely to produce well-adjusted, more contented teenage offspring. Furthermore the children were less likely to suffer stress and mental illness. As they say, food for thought.

Daily Express

Death Rates To Go Public

In a further drive to improve the public’s confidence in the ailing National Health Service (and anyone who has started watching the series on Channel 4 on Thursday nights will know that the NHS is very much in intensive care at the moment) the government have announced that listings of each surgeon in the country and the death rates of their patients will be made available for public consumption. The government expect such a listing to be available for viewing within the next 2 years. The action comes in response to the Kennedy Report which examined the Bristol Royal Infirmary affair. Although the Health Secretary has put his full backing behind the death rates listings, critics say that this is only paper-pushing and will do nothing to improve the NHS overall.

The Daily Mirror


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