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Week Beginning 11 November 2002

Alcohol And Increased Dementia Risk

How well your mind works in old age could be influenced by what you drink, according to researchers. Scientists at the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Copenhagen, Denmark, found that people who drank beer - even as infrequently as once per month - were more than twice as likely as non-beer drinkers to experience dementia after age 65. In contrast, people who drank wine weekly were 70 per cent less likely than wine-abstainers to develop dementia after age 65. Regular consumption of spirits appeared to have no effect on dementia risk, the authors report. However, further research is needed before doctors can safely recommend that people drink wine to stave off dementia, the researchers say.

The Daily Mail

New Brain Find

Different parts of the brain control various aspects of attention, according to Canadian and American researchers who compared the reaction times of people with brain lesions to those of healthy people. The researchers found that different types of attention problems are associated with injuries in different parts of the brain, and believe that attention involves at least three separate processes.

The Guardian

Perfect Sleep With Jasmine

People who sleep enveloped by the soothing smells of jasmine may get a more restful snooze than others, new research suggests. Scientists from the Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, the US, found that people who slept in rooms infused with jasmine appeared to sleep more peacefully and report higher afternoon alertness than when they had slept in a lavender-scented room, or one with no added smell.

The Guardian

The End For Warts With Tape

Researchers in the US say some types of packing tape can be used to remove warts more effectively and less painfully than by using liquid nitrogen. In a study at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio, the US, patients wore duct tape over warts for six days, before using an emery board or pumice stone to scrape the spot. Dr Dean Focht believes the tape irritates the warts, causing an immune system reaction that attacks them.

The Daily Express

Thirtysomethings Lose Sperm Power

The ticking of the biological clock may be as much of an issue for men in their mid-30s as it is for women. Men as young as 35 can begin experiencing a drop in fertility due to declining sperm quality, according to a US study. A team of scientists from the University of Washington found that genetic damage to sperm routinely starts to cause infertility in men aged 35 and over.

The Independent


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