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Week Beginning 11 February 2002

Vit C Against Pre-Eclampsia

More power to the vitamin C cause this week, following news from Oxford that researchers are to investigate how the big C may help to prevent pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia, although relatively uncommon, still remains a concern for all pregnant women. It is characterized by raised blood pressure, protein in the urine and ankle swelling, and can be a prelude to eclampsia, which in turn is characterized by fitting. The cause of the condition is unclear but researchers are keen to explore the theory that use of an anti-oxidant, and vit C is a powerful one, may help to prevent the onset. We wait to see their findings.

The Guardian

An Apple A Day Doesn’t Necessarily Keep The Doc Away (or Dentist!)

Oh dear! Just as we were getting used to the notion that fruit is good for us, along comes a real downer. Bad news for the dear old apple this week from leading UK dentists. It seems that modern apples contain just too much sugar – in some cases as much as 15% sugar content! And that is bad news for our teeth say the dentists. In fact, they say eating an apple may be as bad for your teeth as sweets or soda drinks. They further warn that we have reached this situation because of our fiddling with the apples we grow. Producers seem to think they will sell more apples if they pander to our inherent sweet teeth. They are therefore engineering higher sugar content into their produce.

The Daily Mirror

New Twist To "Going Down With Something"

If you’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately, then there’s more bad news for you. It seems that depressive illness leave us more susceptible to fight off disease. In other words depression drastically affects our immune systems. These are the findings of researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the USA. They studied older depressed patients and found that they produced lowered levels of white blood cells, the blood cells required to combat infection. They conclude that such deficiency could be prevented if depression in patients is recognized as early as possible.

The Daily Mail

Anorexia A Problem At The Olympics

As the Winter Olympics commence in Salt Lake City this week and we sit down to enjoy it on our TVs, spare a thought for all the hard work and commitment put in by the competitors. Also spare a thought for those who are so committed to winning that they are prepared to lay their health on the line by starving themselves. It has been highlighted this week how some of the male ski jumpers are starving themselves to the point of collapse in order to attempt to come out on top in competition. The International Olympic Committee now intends to investigate these reports of anorexia nervosa.

The Times

Rise In Food Poisoning In The UK

Worrying news this week. The incidence of food poisoning has risen dramatically. Official stats, published this week, that lat year there were over 4 million reported attacks of food poisoning in this country. The main culprits being the poverty of hygiene in restaurants and takeaways. The figures have been released by the Food Standards Agency leave us with a lot to chew on, and further highlighted concerns with release of figures showing that on top of the above 4 million cases another 1 million odd people reported illness after eating food at home. The FSA is calling for more stringent public health information about food handling both in the restaurant trade and for individuals cooking at home.

The Daily Express


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