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The Needs Of Mothers Ignored By Public Services

Being a mother is no easy job and it appears that it is made no easier by public sector services such as health and schooling, particularly for those who combining mothering with paid work. This is the findings of a new government report published this week. A typical example is the closure of GP practices at lunchtime, a time which is considred the best for mothers to obtain health advice. Likewise antenatal classes operate on the assumption that all mothers are housewives, the report concludes, and open their doors at times when many women are out working. The report’s authors are calling for a reform in the way public services are delivered to take into account the working mother.

The Times

Needed: Greater Stringency In Fighting Teenage Smoking

The incidence of teenage smoking and therefore the risk of smoking-related diseases continues to rise. Now a team of US researchers feel enough is enough and governments should act tough in this area of health. The team from the University of Massachusetts are calling for more stringent laws and greater campaigning about the health issues related to smoking. They also want the legal age for cigarette purchase to be raised to twenty-one.

The Daily Mail

The Dangers Of The Demon Drink Explained To Young Women

The incidence of drinking problems amongst young women has risen dramatically in recent years. With this worrying rise come the greater risks of alcohol-related diseases and deaths. Latest figures show that in the age group 18-24 years women who are drinking dangerous levels of alcohol outnumber men by two to one. There has also been a parallel rise in liver disease amongst woen in this age group. This week Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer, highlighted the growing problem, issuing a warning about the detrimental effects on health.

The Daily Mail

Milk Better Than Calcium Supplements For Building Healthy Bone

A big cheer for the nutritional benefits of milk this week! According to a nutrition research team from the University of Sheffield milk is a far better source of calcium than calcium supplements for buidling strong healthy bones in childhood. Furthermore the effect can last a lifetime. The researchers compared two groups of 11 and 12 year old girls. Group one took daily calcium supplements in fruit juice; the second group, the control group, were given just the fruit juice. The researchers found that at the end of the study the bone density of the girls in group one improved by 1.2% on average. There was no change amongst the girls in group 2. However, the effect of calcium supplementation in group one was not long-lasting – after 2-3 years their bone densities rreturned to the pre-study levels. In comparison, drinking of milk induces greater improvements in bone density, improvements which last throughout life. The study results have particular importance for the prevention of osteoporosis in later life.

The Daily Express

Ships Of The Desert Lead The Way To Disease Prevention

The humble camel isn’t just a beast of burden, it is now fast becoming a source of much information about preventing world diseases. Researchers at the Zayed Complex for Herbal Research and Traditional Medicine now believe that we can learn much from the camel’s survival mechanisms and apply these for overcoming prevaling diseases. In particular, camel antibodies have drawn great interest. These antibodies are simpler in stucture in comparison to those of humans. Head of the research at the Zayed Complex, Dr Sabah Jassim, explains, "Because of the simple structure of camel antibodies, they are much easier to reproduce artificially. In so doing, we can develop a greater number of antibody treatments to combat disease, at lower cost and in greater quantities".

The Times


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