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Long Haul Thrombosis Fears Continue

According to latest expert comments the increase in direct flights on long-haul routes is to blame for the rise in the number of passengers suffering from so-called ‘economy class syndrome’. Mr John Beldstead, who works at Ashford Hospital in Surrey, said: ‘Deaths as a result of DVT (where blood clots form in the deep veins of the leg) through flying are growing because there are more non-stop flights. Planes used to stop four times on the way to Australia. Now flights land just once.’ In the past three years Mr Belstead has seen 30 deaths from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) among Heathrow passengers, a third of whom had arrived from Australia. ‘More deaths occur on flights from Australia so I think it’s fair to say that the problem is time-related.’

Meanwhile, doctors disclosed yesterday that taking sleeping pills during long-haul flights may increase the risk of developing a DVT. The drugs cause long periods of inactivity and lower blood oxygen levels. These factors coupled with cramped seats that restrict blood flow around the legs, increase the risk of blood clotting. Dr Richard Dawood, director of the Fleet Street Travel Clinic in central London, said: ‘Light dozing is probably okay, but I wouldn’t do anything to encourage people to have a deep sleep.’

The Daily Telegraph

Twin Studies Link Genes To Heart Disease

New research on twins has shown that genes play an important role in triggering coronary heart disease. 1000 twins took part in the study, which investigated the causes of Britain's biggest killer after cancer. Genetics were found to be a significant factor in determining the concentration of various plasma proteins. High levels of these components increase the risk of causing arterial clotting, which may lead to a heart attack. Dr Tim Spector, head of the research at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital said: 'We have known for a long time that family background is an important risk factor for heart disease, but not the extent to which this depends on shared environments or shared genes.'

The Daily Telegraph

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Mobile Phones Increase Cancer Risk

Mobile phones could cause eye cancer, according to a new study. A German research team questioned patients with uveal melanoma, a cancer of the iris and retina, and found that regular phone use led to a threefold increase in the risk of cancer. The scientists believe that the watery contents of the eye cause it to absorb more of the microwave radiation emitted by mobiles than surrounding tissue. Around 20 million Britons own a mobile device.

The Sunday Times


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