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Week Beginning 3 December 2001

New Cancer Buster Fungus

Groundbreaking news in the field of cancer treatment this week and from a a seemingly unlikely sourse. Certain species of fungi may herald a new approach to fighting cancer, at least according to the latest research from a team at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, in New York. The team have spent many an hour studying the good old mushroom for its anti-cancer effects and have made some startling conclusions. According to the researchers such mushroom species as shiitake, reishi, cordyceps, coriolus versicolor, and maitake, all contain beta glucans, particular natural chemicals known to stimulate the human body’s immune-system, resulting in an massive increase in cancer-fighting cells. In turn the cells both devour cancer cells and thus inhibit the growth of the tumour.

The Times

Mobile Phones Harm Kids: Official

There has been much debate about whether children are harmed by the continuous use of mobile phones. Now new research, published this week, concludes that they most probably are. Medical researchers based in Spain discovered that mobile phone use resulted in distinct and identifiable changes in the electrical activity of the brains of children. Consequently there was a reported increase in behavioural abnormalities in this age group and the researchers conclude that these could develop into psychiatric disorder later in life. As a result of their findings the researchers have strongly warned against allowing children to use mobiles.

The Daily Express

Health At Risk From Combined Useage Of Pesticides

Our environment can affect us in many ways and one of the biggest debates of modern times has been the potential risks of pesticides use on crops in the UK. Now, in research published this week, a team based at Liverpool University have added further fuel to this debate. Their research has revealed that the combined use of pesticides in producing our food is potentially far more toxic than we have first imagined. Indeed the Liverpool team have discovered that different pesticides can potentiate each other’s toxic effects, far more than if the pesticides were used individually. The debate will no doubt continue.

The Daily Mail

Brain Booster For Babies Revealed

Want to make sure your little offspring becomes the next Einstein, Mozart or John Constable? Well we might just have the answer this week. No, seriously, this is unlikely to happen. But a team of researchers based at Dundee University have revealed that they have discovered a particular supplement which could boost brain development in babies – a supplement which could be added to formula feeds. Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids have long been known to be important for proper development of brain tissue. These fatty acids are found in abundance in human breast milk but are often lacking in infant formula feeds. Now the Dundee team have found a way to incorporate the fatty acids into feeds in the right proportions.

The Times

Weight Losing Effect Of Garlic

We probably all know of the health benefits of garlic but here’s a new effect not previously revealed – weight loss. A medical obesity team based in the USA have discovered that garlic may not only prevent weight gain it might actually promote weight loss. In studies carried out by the researchers, when a compound of garlic was fed to subjects at the same time as they received a high-sugar diet, the subjects were found to put on less weight compared with a control group fed just the sugary diet. The reseachers conclude that their findings could have a massive potential for managing the obesity epidemic currently occurring in the World.

The Daily Mail


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