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Breastfeed For Six Months

The latest WHO guidelines advise breastfeeding for six months. The previous advice was four to six months and but after weeks of deliberations, the change should be ratified by the World Health Assembly in May. The WHO’s experts recognise that some women do not want to breastfeed, some cannot and some for health reasons should not, but agreed that in general, six months of exclusive breastfeeding benefits babies, protecting them against illnesses and death from gastro-intestinal infections. Patti Rundall of the pressure group Baby Milk Action said she was pleased at the recommendation and said: ‘For too long we have allowed the companies to influence health policies, forgetting that they have only one objective which is to sell more foods.’

The Guardian,4273,4164022,00.html

Women Send Scent Signals

More evidence for the complexity of human sexuality. Now we hear that men can detect when women ovulating by their body odour, according to latest research. Scientists at the University of Texas, Austin, asked a group of men to assess how attractive a woman was from the smell of a T-shirt worn by her. Professor Devendra Singh, who was involved in the research, said: ‘Men judge the smell of a T-shirt worn by the woman during her fertile phase as more pleasant and sexy than a T-shirt worn by the same woman during her non-fertile phase.’ Scientists are now searching for the signaling chemical, which could be used in the manufacture of perfume.

The Daily Telegraph

Tiredness A Killer For Drivers

Fatigue really does kill. Tiredness is responsible for one in 10 car crashes causing serious injury or death, the British Medical Journal reports. The results of the study are based on 60,000 crashes with one vehicle on a clear road in good weather. Alcohol is the cause of a fifth of crashes.

The Guardian

Go Yoga-ing With The NHS

The yoga is on them, it was announced this week. Patients at risk of coronary heart disease, strokes or diabetes and pensioners will be able to practice yoga on the NHS, the Health Secretary Alan Milburn said. Patients would also be able to qualify for courses of exercise, such as aerobics. Family doctors would negotiate lower rates for their patients at local fitness centres. Mr Milburn said that the government was sending new guidance to GPs in the country outlining what exercise they could start prescribing for patients or advise them to take. The recommendation also suggests gentle exercise or yoga for less active pensioners. The Government hopes that the plan will curb rates of illnesses such as heart disease and help rehabilitate those who have already suffered heart attacks, diabetes, strokes or falls.

Daily Express


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