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Surrogates Have Better Life

UK research indicates that women who use surrogate mothers to have children become very loving parents, showing more warmth towards their babies than mothers whose child was conceived naturally. Both mothers and fathers in families who have used surrogates tend to have better parenting skills than parents in non-surrogate families. Researchers from the Family and Child Psychology Research Centre at City University, London, studied 43 families with a child born through surrogacy arrangements, and compared them with 51 families with a child conceived through IVF with donated eggs, and 86 families with a naturally conceived child.

The Guardian

Boost Old Age With Exercise

Older people who exercise regularly may not only be more physically capable, but quicker-thinking as well. Researchers at the University of Illinois in the US say the responses of highly active senior citizens to neuro-electric stimuli more closely resembled those of young adults than those of people with low or moderate levels of physical activity. Overall, the researchers say, the study shows that 'increased amounts of physical activity affect cognitive functioning related to more effortful processing results in older adults.'

The Daily Mail

Changing Personalities

UK researchers warn that personality disorders change over time, and so patients should not be permanently labelled as mentally ill. Their conclusions, published in The Lancet, come just days after the government announced people with the illness could be locked up even if they had not committed a crime. The researchers, from Imperial College School of Medicine, London, studied 178 patients who had personality disorders in addition to other mental illnesses. They reassessed the group 12 years later and found those who displayed the most histrionic or antisocial behaviour became better over time.

The Daily Telegraph

WHO Announces New Cancer Prediction

The World Health Organization has now warned that cancer rates are set to rise steeply, leaving 30 million people worldwide fighting the disease by 2020. However, according to experts, the huge leap in cases and suffering could be eased greatly by better use of existing treatments and money spent combating the disease. A WHO report estimates that number of cancer sufferers across the world, around 20 million, will increase by 50 per cent by 2020, mainly due to smoking in developing nations and increasing numbers of older people.

The Daily Express

Babies Boosted By Kangaroo Care

Premature babies who experience 'kangaroo care' or prolonged skin-to-skin contact with their mothers after birth, have better mental and physical development during the first months of life than babies who spend their first days of life in an incubator. Researchers from Bar-llan University in Israel also say their studies show that the parents of these babies tend to provide a more supportive and interactive home environment than parents of incubated babies. 'Kangaroo care' helps infants by allowing them to use their mother’s body heat to regulate their own. The study is reported in Pediatrics.

The Times


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