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Week Beginning 1 December 2002

Analgesics And Possible BP Risk

US scientists say leading painkillers may be associated with high blood pressure in women. Researchers at Harvard University say women who use paracetamol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines – usually ibuprofen – have a significantly increased risk of developing hypertension. However, the team add that the vast majority of users will not be affected.

The Daily Mail

Childhood Asthma And Paracetamol Risk

Women who frequently take paracetamol in late pregnancy are twice as likely to have a child that suffers persistent wheezing, according to a UK study. Researchers at King’s College in London studied 9,000 pregnant women and found that 1 per cent took paracetamol most days or daily. Those who took the drug this regularly in late pregnancy were twice as likely to have children who suffered wheezing at the age of three-and-a-half. Researchers now want to find out if there is a similar link with asthma.

The Daily Telegraph

All Go For Free Health Food Vouchers

A government plan to promote healthy living is to focus on pregnant women and poor families, allowing them to claim free fruit, vegetables and cereals. Under the new Healthy Start scheme, up to 800,000 people will get vouchers to exchange for healthy food at their local shops. Public Health Minister Hazel Blears says the option to eat healthy food will "lay the foundations" for good health in later life.

The Daily Express

Benefits Of Video Games Revealed

Playing video games can improve children's hand-eye co-ordination and boost their self-esteem say UK psychologists. However, Dr Mark Griffiths, professor of gambling studies at Nottingham Trent University, also warned that, in spite of the positive aspect of playing video games, excessive use could lead to addictive behaviour and he also condemned the violence contained in some games.

The Daily Mirror

Stomach Stapling A Lifesaver For Young Girl

An 11-year-old girl who weighs 20 stone has been told that her life depends on having her stomach stapled. Gemma Taylor from Leeds follows a strict diet and takes regular exercise but continues to gain weight at the rate of two stone a year. However, Gemma has been told that she cannot have the staple inserted until she is at least 17 because she is still growing.

The Daily Express


Monthly Archive

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