5 Steps to a Stress-Free Life

Stress is fine: it’s what happens when you apply yourself to work and life. Di-stress, which is what we really mean when we talk about stress, happens when you life bears so little resemblance to what you hoped for that you can bear it no longer.

To banish this di-stress you have to identity who and what stops you achieving your goals, and make clear what the new ground rules are:

  • Only do what you personally find exciting and fulfilling
  • Make a list of what interferes with your desire to do and be what you personally find exciting and fulfilling. Clarify what would need to change, for each attachment to be rewarding
  • Decide which of these interferences you definitely still want in your life. Ask yourself "Is this (car, house, person etc) more important to me than having a fulfilling, fun-filled life?"
  • Drop everything that fails this "Life-Enhancing" test
  • Having cleared the irrelevant, and negotiated the help you need, restate your top 3 priorities for fun and fulfilment through the coming year

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