Herbal First Aid

When you are on your holiday, or even at home, did you know you can use herbal remedies as first aid treatments? Well you can. Follow our guide to treating a range of common ailments and acute problems with herbal cures:

Insect Bites - use Lavender Essential Oil, in a carrier oil, on stings to reduces swelling, and soothe irritation and itchiness. Also Tea Tree oil is an effective antiseptic: rub one drop into a bite or sting. Witch Hazel can be used for mosquito bites to quell the itchiness, and Rescue Remedy cream for everything from easing the pain of bites and stings to soothing sunburn.

Cuts and Grazes - use Calendula. This plant is an antiseptic and antibacterial remedy. Dilute it with water and rinse cuts and grazes. You can then use the Camomile ointment for pain relief and healing. Myrrh can also be used as it has powerful healing properties - again use in tincture form diluted in water.

Stomach Upsets - use Slippery Elm. This herb soothes the membranes lining the gut and helps to ease stomach upsets. It also helps to correct the balance of the bacteria in the gut. Slippery Elm powder can also be used to treat diarrhoea - (apart from taking a re-hydration formula). Take acidophilous capsules to replace healthy bacteria after the stomach infection.

Sunburn - Aloe Vera is an excellent after sun treatment - use the fresh 100% gel of this succulent plant directly onto the affected area. Also, Camomile and Calendula ointments soothe and heal. St John's Wort tincture - Nature's answer for bad sunburn - is an effective treatment used topically on the sunburnt area. Rescue Remedy - dilute in water and splashed onto the burn. Alternatively use Rescue Remedy cream.

General Infections - use Echinacea. "First aid in a bottle" - this miraculous herb builds up the body's immune system, so as to protect from infections and to help heal afterwards. Take in tincture form for best results.

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