Headache Busters

Many people who are stressed report that headaches are the single most common symptom that arises from this. We can sort headaches into different categories depending on their origins and their effects, and then look towards treating them accordingly - very often digging out the root cause of the problem ie. stress in the process. Follow our thumbnail guide to headache busting:

Tension Headaches

These are characterised by: a squeezing discomfort on both sides of the temples. They can arise as a result of anxiety and tension, and can last several hours. The quick fix solution is to get regular neck and back massages to avoid the tightening of the muscles and to keep them supple and relaxed, and so relieve tension.

Cluster Headaches

Symptoms are: piercing pain on one side of your head, and sometimes behind the eyes. These usually arise as a result of dehydration and stress, and can last from a few minutes to a few hours. Treat them by avoiding alcohol, tea, coffee and smoking - and try to never miss a meal as low blood sugar is usually a trigger for this kind of headache.

Sinus Headaches

Caused by pressure and congestion above the bridge of the nose. This usually results from build up of pressure in the sinuses thanks to a cold, flu, or stress. Taking herbal nose drops especially formulated for this problem can help to cure this problem. Consult a qualified herbal medical practitioner.


These are severe headaches giving pain on one side of the head, and can sometimes extend to the neck and behind the eyes. They are often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision. Migraines can be caused by stress, missing meals, eating chocolate, hard cheeses, caffeine, red wine and citrus fruits (trigger foods). Deal with migraines by:

  • Lying in a darkened room away from bright lights and loud noise
  • Avoiding your triggers ie food and/or stressors
  • Eating small frequent meals so your blood sugar does not dip
  • Learning a relaxation technique, meditation or yoga
  • Try an alternative therapy as a cure – of particular benefit is acupuncture

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