Focus on Rolfing

Originally called structural Integration, Rolfing is the name that now refers to the form of bodywork created by Ida Rolf.

Rolfing consists of body restructuring and movement education. We have all suffered injury, illness or emotional distress, and many of us have poor postural habits. Over time our bodies become misaligned so that outside forces like gravity start to wear us down. We experience this conflict as pain, chronic tension, stress and depleted energy. As the aim of Rolfing is to create better body balance and alignment, clients often report the disappearance of such symptoms.

People of all ages come to Rolfing for help with neck pain, back problems, impaired mobility and similar physical discomfort. Other people want to improve their appearance or athletic performance, or simply seek ease and comfort in their professions and daily life. Rolfing can help people in psychotherapy by facilitating connection with emotional conflict through the body, and freeing trapped emotions or frozen trauma.

Rolfing is both a powerfully curative and preventive therapy. Although there is no stated intention to "fix", undesirable symptoms often disappear throughout the course of treatment.

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You are recommended to seek advice of a qualified health practitioner. Look in the Practitioner Directory if you would like to see a qualified rolfer in your area.

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