Anti-Ageing Super-foods

It seems that anti-ageing is the notion on everyone's minds in the 21st Century - and this covers everything from skincare, nutritional boosting, supplements, exercise etc. So, to help you along in this quest for eternal youth, we present our top 10 anti-ageing super-foods:

Apples - rich in the soluble fibre Pectin, which is essential for good gut health. It also helps to lower blood cholesterol levels. Apples are also a good source of Vitamin C and Flavinoids (antioxidants) and are a great low-fat snack.

Avocado - this wonderful fruit is a good source of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and glutathione - an age-protective antioxidant (people who live to over 100 years of age have been shown to have high levels of glutathione!)

Brazil Nuts - Contain the powerful antioxidant Selenium - now depleted from our soils - in abundant amounts. This is important for skin-health, and is a potent anti-carcinogenic. All you need to eat is 4 Brazil nuts daily for protection (delivers 200mcg of Selenium)

Broccoli - an excellent provider of cancer-fighting phytochemicals and Betacarotene. Also rich in folic acid, iron, calcium and magnesium - all essential for strong bones and a healthy nervous system.

Garlic - reduces the risk of heart disease, boosts the immune system and antiseptic (so perfect for keeping colds at bay), detoxifies the liver, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Red Wine - a glass a day. Contains anti-ageing revesterol and heart-protective flavinoids. Alternatively, try red grape juice if teetotal.

Sardines - a good source of the brain boosting anti-oxidant Co-enzyme Q10.

Salmon - a power-food - packed with immune boosting Omega-3 fatty acids, vital for a healthy, happy brain. Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to protect mental health and reduce inflammation. Eat x 3 portions a week for protection.

Tea - a daily cup of black tea (with or without milk) contain polyphenols - a powerful defence against free-radicals.

Tomatoes - contain the antioxidant Lycopene - a powerful anti-cancer chemical which also protects against heart disease

Oats - a good source of soluble fibre, which helps to lower cholesterol levels and helps the body absorb essential nutrients.

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