10 Feel Good Tips

Amongst the vast array of feel good tips for wellbeing we could choose from, we've picked ten that you can implement straight away to help you start feeling good:

  1. Avoid carbohydrates for breakfast - and eat proteins instead. This will boost your brain's levels of dopamine and make you feel alert as well as keeping your blood sugar steady. Choose from eggs, mushrooms or tomatoes, or yoghurt sprinkled with nuts and seeds
  2. Give up caffeine - replace with water, herbal teas and juices, grain coffees, diluted fruit juice.
  3. If you have a shower in the morning, finish with a two minutes cold burst to boost your circulation and get your scalp tingling
  4. If you suffer from a 4pm slump in energy and concentration levels you are probably dehydrated. Opt for drinking bottled mineral water steadily throughout the day.
  5. Research shows that Vitamin C helps combat anxiety and lowers stress hormones. One orange provides the RDA of 60milligrams - and is the perfect mid-morning snack
  6. Walking uses virtually every muscle group in the body and burns up 520 calories an hour, and gets the cardiovascular system working, so get out and start walking!
  7. Relax every day with 10-20 minutes of deep breathing and relaxation - this will help rejuvenate both your body and mind.
  8. Place a plant on your desk or near your computer to help absorb radioactive waves and remove toxic pollutants from the atmosphere.
  9. If you are feeling sluggish and "liverish" eat foods that cleanse your liver and eliminate toxins. Choose from: spinach, bananas, onions, garlic, grapefruit and pears.
  10. Finally, always sleep in a room that is calm, restful, free of clutter, dust, electronic equipment, books and telephones. Keep fresh air circulating and the temperature between 19-23C.

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