Active Listening - deep yet gentle by Brigette Hass

The Yogic Massage Certificate Course

A training for practitioners - recognised by MTI as continuing professional development.

I have been prodded to write more about what makes Yogic Massage different and unique. To give prospective students for the impending Certificate Course a clearer idea of what the training entails. I have found - with a start of surprise - the real essence of Yogic Massage.

One of the differences to usual body-work is the holding and listening - the listening with awareness. Stress/trauma in the body is very much like holding a baby that is crying with fright, it needs time and will stop, when it realises it is safe again. The listening - holding can continue on various levels like massage, deep tissue work and stretching - that is the Muscle Memory techniques (MMR).

So in essence - coming to terminology from Movement Healing, we come to a listening - listening and observing without judgement of the other and of oneself. To receive the information, and then by listening to self / higher self and intuition listening to what ‘tool’ to use to effect release of the pattern - of that memory. It’s a coming back to zero (as Ben Suharto said) - finding that still place in oneself that gives that inner clarity. The patient/client gives the lead so to speak, feels s/he is in control - this encourages deep trust and release. It is like the repeated listening - observing - letting, the inner and outer dance of movement healing - listening moment by moment to the appropriate next step that is the dance of Yogic Massage. Like following the flow of the path of the water in a river, stress - patterns are brought to the surface and as the client becomes aware - on conscious or subconscious level - it releases for good.

Yogic Massage is about appropriate treatment, it’s not pushing or manipulating or fixing, it is letting, it is allowing to tension from the cells to release. That is what makes Yogic Massage so effective with stress and trauma; it is empowering for the client as well as the practitioner.

As I ‘listen to bodies’ I would explain the healing of deep trauma and shock in this way: The body locks the shock of the event or injury into the cells. Cells protect the surrounding area by encapsulating trauma in certain areas to free up the rest of the body to be able to cope with the trauma. These smaller and larger traumas can stay locked in the body for life. They will affect the smooth running - synthesis and homeostasis of the whole system, as the blockages remain. These holding patterns seem to stay in tact, trauma does take considerable time to work its way out of the system - exercise - breathing - living help. In my experience usual body-work - even healing or cranio-sacral work does not usually shift these memories unless specifically addressed.

Here an example to demonstrate the extremely subtle levels and physical depth Yogic Massage can go to - releasing extreme sensitivity:

IC a young woman of 38 came first with a pronounced tremor to me at the beginning of August. ‘I get very shaky and clumsy, especially before the period. It is better since I have stopped smoking. I can’t write out a cheque in front of anybody’. At present she has achy legs and cant bear being touched around the naval area. She wants healing. PH: The shaking first started during exams at school age 14. Rx: When working in the energy field I noticed when coming to a certain distance her head was beginning to shake more profusely (approx. 1 - 1 ½ yards away), so I moved a bit further away until the head came to rest. At about a yard distance she was feeling comfortable and began to relax. She became aware that the stress in her was reducing, I did an MM release on her shoulder, whenever any shaking increased I would move lightly further away or reduced pressure. She felt layers of stress release from her shoulder and her abdomen.

Session 2: Feedback: She had felt much more positive during the week, had more energy, a few dreams, and been able to write out a cheque at the bank! Rx: A totally hands off treatment.

Session 3: Feedback: The pressure on her chest and her constant catarrh have completely stopped. Has been feeling really good. She has become aware that when she is with people, she feels safe only when she tenses up. She felt this was a big realisation. Rx: during this hands off session, IC sees many colours ‘sees’ her skeleton and feels layers of tension lifting off her shoulders and back. I work again at a distance (over 1½ yards) that helps her to feel calm and does not aggravate her shaking. Afterwards she feels really well and much calmer. ...

Session 4: Feedback: Over the last week she has felt a tremendous amount of energy ‘and feel brilliant!’, played the piano for 3 hours non-stop, which she had not done in years and was so full of energy and positive and ‘haven’t stopped doing things’ - She has also felt really serene and sleeps solidly. - We both decided that she was still processing - so would wait and see until that cycle of healing was complete ... to be continued!

Male age 33 seeking to ‘try to get body to relax’. PH: head injury 2 years before (collusion with train), in hospital for 3/12. He presented with a slight whole body tremor [which had never stopped since the accident] which affected his self-confidence and calm and affected his sleep. During the first session he had experienced ‘stuff leaving his head’ and the ‘jitteriness and shaking had stopped for a while’. Over 3 session - during which I held and calmed body and Nervous System and used the whole range of Yogic Massage techniques - in March he reported that he had much fewer headaches, was ‘much calmer, more confident and feel more positive in myself’. He was ‘getting good sleep and could just stay in bed’, and felt ‘freedom and liberated’. Comment: due to the release of the accident trauma on a deep level the jitters stopped, he felt more himself...

Yogic Massage is not just a technique you apply. It is more of a holistic approach that works with oneself as practitioner and with the client. Often clients feel much more energised yet deeply relaxed. Yogic Massage makes a significant difference often after one session. The practitioner feels greater satisfaction and enjoyment when working, as each person they treat is an individual with a very specific need. Yogic Massage releases deep seated stress, deals with trauma from accidents and is a very useful tool when tuning into the special needs of pregnant women. As stress is underlying almost all ill health and disease this is a most powerful tool to use as it gets to the cause.

I teach by transmission - of my experience and my learning. The Yogic Massage Certificate Course will provide the student with new techniques and a completely new approach to body work, he/she will gain a new understanding and the ‘tools’ of how to work with their own process - gaining greater power and potential for self care and specifically with clients - staying energised.

The training is empowering; the student will know how to deeply release the clients old habit patterns. The student will develop a fine sense for releasing deeply held stress and trauma. This includes confidence when working with pregnant women. The training includes unique stress release techniques for different stress areas (MMR techniques). This approach addresses self-protection and energy sensitivity issues and offers great enjoyment due to the individualised approach.

Yogic Massage is underpinned by that understanding of energy that Brigette Hass gained thought Movement Healing. It is a way of coming to zero - to a still place, observing oneself and letting the body move. This requires self-awareness, stillness and meditative qualities and a facility for non-judgmental self-evaluation. It facilitates self-healing but can also be successfully employed for shifting blockages, imbalances and healing others. The main teachers/mentors are Elizabeth St. John, Ben Suharto and Suprapto Suryodarmo.

Brigette Hass is a truly inspiring facilitator, of a different calibre, who walks her talk. This makes learning and what she brings effortless. Often only after a weekend the deep experience realisation and learning unfolds. Students move to a new level of understanding in themselves.

Yogic Massage offers a structure for self-support and inner guidance that makes the usual massage work light effortless magical and fun. The practitioner can include just a few techniques into their work but may find a deep resonance with that light spacious ‘being’ with the client in the healing process that they may want to adapt the whole approach.

Students comments:

"I am coming for more training because I have realised you are a very creative amazing facilitator." - "Brigette has the very special ability of providing a deep understanding that goes beyond the mere technical skills of massage" - " ... one of the leading practitioners in her field."

‘TASTER’ on 29th Sept & 20th Oct ‘02: 11am- 1.30pm £6 each

Module 1: 12 & 13 Oct or 2 & 3 Nov. 2002

Module 1 can be taking independently without committing to the Certificate Course.

For more information contact Brigette Hass on 020-8856 8797 or email:

Please see the Yogic Massage Certificate Course leaflet in this Newsletter.

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