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It is normal to experience some minor discomfort during Pregnancy.

The most common reason for not feeling well, especially in the early months, is morning sickness - this is caused by an increase in hormone levels during the early months of pregnancy. It normally disappears by the third month.

There may be other minor ailments such as sore breasts due to hormonal changes, and heartburn which can occur during the final months of pregnancy when the abdomen is pushing up into the thoracic cavity.

Some precautions should be taken with regard to taking certain herbs and supplements during pregnancy as they are contraindicated: for example, herbs should not be taken in medicinal doses during the first three months. Also certain essential oils should not be taken internally - these include thyme, rosemary, black pepper and German chamomile.

Tip: try taking raw grated ginger infused in hot water for morning sickness, and avoid rich, fatty food. Eating carbohydrate-rich foods little and often can help - especially snacks like dry crackers and dry toast.

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