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Cancer is a disease which causes certain cells in the body to out of control and multiply rapidly. This uncontrolled growth becomes a tumour, and if this goes unchecked it will eventually lead to interference in the working of an organ or organs and cause death.

It most commonly affects the breasts, lungs, bowel, skin, stomach, ovaries, cervix, pancreas, prostate, bladder and lymph glands.

Although Cancer is the diagnosis which most patients fear the most, if caught in time, and most Cancers are relatively mild, there is 100% survival rate.

It is estimated that a third of people in the West will develop Cancer in their lifetime, but 70% could be prevented by avoiding the obvious trigger factors, namely: smoking, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light (ie.sunbathing), and avoiding certain foods - excess animal fat, charred or burnt food, caffeine, and alcohol.

Other trigger factors include: exposure to high levels of radiation, industrial chemicals, and pollution.

Most complementary treatments aim to ease pain and alleviate the side-effects of conventional treatment. Although much can be done to provide support and ancilliary help in the cure of Cancer, improve quality of life, and help patients come to terms with their condition, any practitioners or complementary treatments offering "miracle cures" should be treated with suspicion.


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