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Anxiety is part of the "fight or flight" response to stress, which is an adaptive response to danger in the environment - which one either flees from, or gathers one's resources to face. The symptoms are irritability, inability to concentrate, sleep problems, overactive mind, breathlessness, aches and pains, nausea, dry mouth and changes in appetite. Rarely it can lead to more pronounced symptoms such as panic attacks. Causes are difficult to pinpoint, but some people are more anxious than others and this is probably down to genetics. Stress plays an important role in this, and in this personality type anxiety may be a response to stress. Anxiety can also be related to bad experiences in the past and family behaviour patterns.

Tip: learning proper breathing techniques and relaxation exercises are an excellent way of combating stress, as these help to temper the physiological responses that lead to stress.

Diet and Supplements

Avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs.

Calcium and Magnesium which have a relaxing effect on the central nervous system are useful minerals to supplement. Take at night: 500mg calcium and 250mg magnesium.

Also complex carbohydrates - which help to release Serotonin - a neurochemical responsible for stabilising mood and inducing feelings of calm. Good sources are oats, wholewheat, brown rice. Oats especially have a soothing effect.

Homeopathic Help

Kali Mur. For Anxiety linked with depression, irritability and nervous dread Arsenicum Alb. for feeling out of control, phobias, and obsessions

Herbal Wisdom

The classic herb in the treatment of Anxiety disorders is St John's Wort which has been shown to be very useful in its treatment. Valerian, hops. camomile, limeflower or skullcap taken as a tisane last thing at night help to reduce insomnia associated with Anxiety.

However, you are advised not to take valerian if you are taking sedatives or prescription anti-depressants. The same applies to St John's Wort.

The following complementary therapies are used in the treatment of Anxiety disorders:

Acupuncture, Accupressure, Aromatherapy, Counselling, Nutritional Therapy, Shiatsu, Massage, Healing, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Naturopathy, Qi Gong, Psychotherapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Osteopathy, Yoga.

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