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Dominique Radclyffe

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Dominique Radclyffe

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Dr Jeremy Sims, Dr David Smallbone

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Karen de Vries

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Richard Harris

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Amanda Wentworth

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Lawrence Berg

External Medical Associates
Dr Rajendra Sharma, Dr Mauroof Athique,
Dr Jules Eden


Cyberspace Health Clinic.co.uk Medical Team and Consultants

Clinical Director:

Dominique Radclyffe BSc NLP MYog Dip.Coun.

Dominique Radclyffe is the founder and Director of cyberspacehealthclinic.co.uk.

She has over 15 years experience as a complementary health practitioner, and is a consultant, advisor and PR to the health industry. She was instrumental in the Hale Clinic, Europe's largest and most prestigious complementary health clinic. She was also part of the Hale Clinic's privileged Medical Director's Team. In an advisory capacity she has been responsible for the public relations, launch and practitioner selection of the Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine, the UK's only centre dedicated to the research and development of Oriental Medicine.

Dominique has enjoyed extensive media coverage for her work and has been featured in: Here's Health, Health and Fitness, Marie Claire Health and Beauty, General Practitioner, Red, Zest, The Sunday Times, Time Out and on The Web Review (ITV). Time Out cited her as being "one of the top complementary health practitioners in the country"

Dominique strongly believes the practitioner database will continue to be a firm favourite among UK health consumers. It will also serve medical professionals with a much-needed gateway to highly professional therapists to whom they can reliably refer their patients. "With the mass of unregulated information about complementary medicine facing the public today, it is often difficult to know where to look for unbiased professional advice about complementary healthcare. The Cyberspace Health Clinic/Health Bureau now affords everyone the opportunity to access the best healthcare available".

Read an interview with Dominique Radclyffe

Medical Team and Consultants


Dr Jeremy Sims is chief medical consultant to Cyberspace Health Clinic.co.uk. He co-authored the CHC Health Conditions Directory, and has authored over 50 articles for the CHC database, including the extensive Health News Media Directory. Dr Sims is one of the leading figures in internet medicine in the UK, and has had wide experience of working in new media, providing both consultancy and editorial services. Dr Sims was the original Virgin.net doctor

Included in his considerable experience are: medical advisor to Merck Sharp and Dohme Ltd, Research Fellow at the Clinical Oncology Information Network, Consultant to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, Professional advisor to the National Electronic Library for Health. He also heads a group over 70 professionals providing written content for websites including AOL, LastMinute.com, Handbag.com and Monster.co.uk:

In addition areas of expertise are human nutrition (including sports nutrition and weight management) and psychological medicine. He was awarded the Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene Thomas Latimer Prize for Nutrition & Health 2000. Until June 2000 was Medical Director at Fit Stop Wellness Centres.

Dr Sims is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Dr David Smallbone MB ChB LRCP MRC MFHom FCOH

Dr Smallbone is team medical consultant to Cyberspace Health Clinic.co.uk, and an expert in complementary medicine. He is one of the leading doctors in the CHC Directory who specialise in complementary medicine.

Dr Smallbone has been in medical practice for 38 years, having qualified medically at Birmingham University Medical School and the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons (London and England) in 1962. He did a post-graduate qualification in Homeopathy at the Royal Homeopathic Hospital and obtained his Membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy in 1968.

Dr Smallbone has been involved, in an advisory capacity by Midlands television, having a regular "medical spot" during the 1980' and 1990's. He is also chief medical advisor to Higher Nature neutracueticals PLC

He regularly contributes to Positive health and NH3, and he has been widely published in numerous women's magazines, daily newspapers and Sunday supplements, and appeared on television and on radio.

He has lectured in England and abroad on nutritional topics, homeopathy, and endocrinological interactions and was invited to give a paper to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists on "The Alternative Approaches to HRT" in 1999.

Dr Julian Eden MBBs BSc MRCGP

Dr Eden provides medical diagnosis service to Cyberspace Health clinic.co.uk for patients who require this before embarking on a course of complementary medicine.

Dr Eden is the medical of voice of London radio and hosts his own weekly radio show "Second Opinion" on LBC. He regularly writes on health issues for: Sports Diver Magazine, The Independent on Sunday and Geographical magazine.

Dr Eden pioneered answering medical questions by e.mail which influenced his founding e-med.co.uk - the UK diagnostic medical service, which provides amongst other things medical diagnosis services to Cyberspace Health clinic.co.uk for patients who require this before embarking on a course of complementary medicine..

Cyberspace Health Clinic co.uk's Clinical Director - Dominique Radclyffe - is a regular guest on Dr Eden's radio programme talking on health issues and specifically integrated medicine which is the interface between orthodox and complementary medicine.

Dr Mauroof Athique DAMS (Hons) MD (MA) DAc MFHom RGN MBA PhD

Dr Athique Is Medical Director of The Ayurvedic Medical Association - the only independent institution in Britain to train doctors in Ayurvedic Medicine - and team consultant in Ayurveda Medicine to Cyberspace Health Clinic.co.uk.

Dr Athique is one of the leading Ayurvedic Physicians in the UK. He has been practising Ayurveda for over 32 years, and Acupuncture for the last 16 years, and runs a successful practice London.

As the Director of the Ayurvedic Medical Association, Dr Athique is actively involved in the Ayurvedic clinical research and works intensively on several projects with research institutes in India and Sri Lanka.

Dr Athique is one of the founder members of The College of Ayurveda (UK). He is also a member of the British Holistic Medical Association, European Herbal Practitioners Association, the International Acupuncture Association, the Federation of Homeopathy, the Royal College of Nursing, and the Royal Society of Health.

Dr Rajendra Sharma MB BCh BAO LRCP LRCS MRCH MFHom

Dr Sharma and one of the expert Doctors in the CHC database who practise complementary medicine.

He holds a number of positions including being Medical Director of the Hale Clinic in London, Britain's largest alternative medical clinic. Dr Sharma is also consultant to The Castle Street Clinic in Guildford, associate physician at The Bangalore Holistic Health Centre and past lecturer at Columbia University (USA) on the Complementary Medicine Course.

Dr Sharma has authored two books - The Element Family Encyclopaedia of Health (Element), and Your Child-Allergies (Element).

Dr Sharma his own page in The Real Health and Beauty Magazine, and is an Editorial Consultant to Home Doctor Magazine. His other media coverage includes appearances on television and on radio and in numerous newspapers and magazines. He has a regular medical question and answer slot with BBC Southern Counties Radio.

Cyberspace Health Clinic.co.uk furthermore has a stable of over 40 doctors and complementary medical practitioners who regularly contribute to its dynamic database, including the conditions and treatment directory, features pages, Q&A pages, and global health news.

In addition, CHC has the UK's largest database of screened complementary health practitioners and medical doctors registered in its Practitioner Directory - the UK's only vetted complementary health directory - including some of the UK's most prestigious complementary medical practitioners. This database is growing weekly, and features a centralised booking service.

The leading doctors, complementary health practitioners and medical contributors to CHC include many who have had substantial media experience and regularly provide programming content for Digital TV, and present health and medical programmes on television and radio.

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